DFW Fall Fest

What are your kids doing this Summer? The List is Endless depending on your budget. Do you Budget for your Summer or do you look for Free or Low Cost Events. There are so many options in both directions it is Two separate Post. I wonder how most families go to Summer Camp. I tend to budget for Summer as my kids Love Summer Camps. We have 3 kids to go to different Summer Camps so, we try very hard to make sure and schedule early to get any discounts available. How do you handle Summer?

Over the years looking for Summer Camps has become an Event like getting ready for Christmas.

Top Ways I find Summer Camps are

1. Scour the Local Community Center

2 Check out Publications that Print Summer Camp Sections

3. Look out for Summer Camp Events that host many Summer camps in one Place

4. Check with your School publications many list upcoming Summer Camps

5. Check out places you previously have gone for Camp.

6. Search the internet This can be a bit overwhelming as so many come up from other areas.

7. Check All the Kid Venues you can Think of

8. Ask other Moms around you

9. Search Google for Summer Camps in your area. This search can be difficult but will find some.

There are 1000 of Camps in the DFW area and lots of reasons to choose one over the other. Take your time and pick the ones that best fit your family.